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SUHNER, a Swiss family business, is a world leader in delivering metal abrasive solutions. For over 100 years, SUHNER has been developing sophisticated and workable solutions that meet the needs of industry. Our Flexible Drive Shaft Technology combined with Swiss-grade quality, on-site expertise and an extensive range of abrasives, provides a unique cost saving solution for our customers’ key applications.

As part of the worldwide Suhner Group, we offer the Suhner range of high quality tools and abrasives directly to the Australian market. These include the Suhner range of polishing tools for metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. Our head office in Silverwater, Sydney, is ideally located to service the needs of both Australia and New Zealand.

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Quality & Service

While our quality products continue to set the industry benchmark, what particularly sets us apart from the competition is our technical know-how and customer service.

Each of our sales engineers is highly trained and experienced in the finishing techniques of metal. They have considerable expertise in polishing stainless steel, aluminium and other metals. They also carry an extensive demonstration package to show you on your application, what the best and most efficient way is of achieving the required result.

In addition, we offer in-house seminars and training sessions at our Silverwater centre as well as on-site service throughout most of Australia and New Zealand.

Stainless steel and aluminium finishing and polishing are our speciality. However, all types
of metals have been explored and techniques developed.

Abrasive Expert Products & Services

Apart from products, we provide training for almost any stainless steel or aluminium polishing applications. Stainless steel mirror polishing, stainless brush finish, aluminium mirror polishing, aluminium brush finish, glass polishing, stone polishing and concrete polishing are all catered for. Training is provided at competitive rates which can also be offset against equipment purchases.


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Stainless Mitre joint polishing and finishing

Polishing Stainless steel sheet to No. 4 Finish

Polishing Flat bar to Mirror Finish

Polishing Stainless Steel from a mill finish to No. 4

No 4 finish of stainless Mitre corners

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